"We are excited about both the opportunities and challenges that the future holds for our company. We will continue to build on the foundation that has brought us to where we are today...a focus on the customer, delivery of relevant application specific products, and a joy in the pursuit of it all." 

- David Deatsch


Founded in 2004, DeatschWerks is dedicated to providing high-performance EFI fuel system solutions. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, DW operates out of its own 36,000 sq. ft. facility that houses all of the company's functions including design, end-manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, marketing, and administration. DeatschWerks' roots were established by offering high flow drop-in fitment fuel injectors. In 2009, DW expanded into fuel pumps with the DW300, the first in-tank fuel pump to outflow the standard 255 LPH pump.  Since then, DW has developed innovative fuel system components such as the in-line 250iL and 350iL pumps, modular surge tanks, conversion fuel rails, dual-stage fuel filters, and ethanol compatible fuel pressure regulators. Today, the DeatschWerks line-up of fuel system components includes over 1000 SKU’s covering Sport Compact, Modern Muscle, and Euro applications.


  • 2004 – The DeatschWerks brand is launched with a novel line of drop-in fitment injectors
  • 2005 – Injector product offering expands and fuel injector servicing is added to the portfolio
  • 2007 – Builds dealer and distribution network in the US and moves into a new 12,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 2009 – Launches new modern muscle line of fuel injectors
  • 2010 – Exhibits at Las Vegas SEMA Show and releases new 300-series in-tank fuel pump
  • 2011 – Expands distribution internationally to Australia, UK, Japan, and Asia
  • 2012 – Releases the DW200 and DW65c fuel pumps
  • 2013 – Offers the industry's most comprehensive Bosch EV14 injector lineup
  • 2014 – In-line fuel pumps and modular surge tanks are developed
  • 2015 – Regulators and filters are released
  • 2016 – New headquarters are established with more than triple the warehouse, office, manufacturing and engineering space
  • 2017 – Releases DW400 415LPH fuel pump
  • 2018 – Releases Fuel Lines & Fittings category
  • 2019 – Launches DW440 Brushless and performance fuel pump modules
  • 2020 – Releases X2 Series of billet aluminum pump modules
  • 2023 – Releases DW420 and DW810 fuel pumps

Culture and Core Values

DeatschWerks believes in living our six core values. Our core values support our vision, shape our culture, and reflect what we consider most important.  "CULTURE EATS STRATEGY", which translates to the best laid plans will achieve nothing if we don’t have people working together to carry them out. Each member of the DeatschWerks team brings unique skills and experiences to the company. This diversity is unified by our core values.  Working together allows us to provide the best possible products and experiences for our customers. Our mission is to be THE SINGLE SOURCE for all your fueling needs. Our team is passionate about finding solutions for our customers' fueling needs.

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