2014-2024 F-150 X3 Series Module

Billet top hat and center section mated to the fully engineered bucket system, combining the best features of OE and Aftermarket into a 1900HP Fuel Solution.

Billet Top Hat
• -10AN feed and -8AN return ports
• M5 stainless bulkhead wiring studs
• Fits OE module retaining ring

• Features slosh protection via a fully engineered bucket system, giving consistent fueling under hard launches and cornering
• Triple check valves maintain system pressure for easier starting
• Utilizes OE fuel level sender
• Proven effective to below 1/8 tank

Billet Center Section
• Fits both DW400 or any 39mm pumps
• DW Orange anodized hardware

Return Plumbing Kit (Required)
• Includes lines, fittings, regulator, filter, and pressure gauge
• Available in -8AN Feed, -6AN Return

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