New Product - DWMicro Low Pressure Lift Pump

The DWMicro Low Pressure Lift Pump is designed for performance applications where fuel scavenging is needed to feed the primary high flow high pressure pump. Low pressure lift pumps are common in motorsports to feed surge tanks, transfer fuel in a saddle tank, or scavenge corners of a fuel cell. The DWMircro has been engineered specifically for this task through flow targeting, form factor optimization, and efficiency maximization.  

Flow Targeting - The pump armature and impeller have been engineered to deliver maximum output at the low pressures needed for a lift pump.  At 210LPH, the DWMicro outflows the competitors low pressure lift pumps by more than 20%.  This allows the use of a bigger primary pump to support bigger power without the worry of fuel starvation from the low pressure pump.

Form Factor Optimization -  The DWMicro is the smallest and lightest pump offered by DW, making it easier to mount into the deep recesses of saddle tanks and fuel cell bladders.  Also, weighing in at less than 250g, this pumps won't harm your corner exit speeds. Lastly, the Barb and AN fluid connection options make it easy to plumb via your method of choice.

Efficiency Maximization - The DWMicro brushes and commutators have been engineered with efficiency in mind shaving current draw down to 3.5 amps while still outputting an industry-leading flow rate.  This efficient design builds less heat, which allows the pump to survive extended dry run intervals without damage.  The low current draw also allows you to wire multiple pumps on the same circuit so you can have one in each corner of your tank without excessive electrical system demands or additional wiring.  

All of the DWMicro pumps are supplied with a filter sock and electrical harness.  The pump is compatible with pump gas, race fuel, and E85. The pump is not compatible with e100 or methanol.  

Key Points:

  • Low pressure transfer for surge tanks, saddle tanks, and fuel cells
  • 210LPH open flow at less than 4amps
  • Available in barb, -6AN, and -8AN outlets
  • Micro form factor = compact + lightweight
  • Includes electrical harness and filter sock
  • Starts at $59


9-110-1055 DWMicro series, 210lph low pressure lift fuel pump  $59.00
9-110-1056 DWMicro series, -6AN 210lph low pressure lift fuel pump  $69.00
9-110-1057 DWMicro series, -8AN 210lph low pressure lift fuel pump  $69.00
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