Available on Any Electric Fuel Pump – OEM, Aftermarket, In-tank, and In-line

Fuel Pump Report

We have taken what we have learned from building precision high flow fuel pumps and applied these same principles to develop the ultimate fuel pump testing system. All fuel pump testing is performed on the same precision calibrated equipment that we use on our own pumps so you know the results you get are dead on...

In-line, in-tank, dual pump set-ups, entire modules/assemblies, we can test them all.

Misc Fuel Pumps 

Fuel Pump Testing

Cost: $39 per In-tank pump / $49 per in-line pump

Fuel pump testing includes all of the following services:

  • Voltage – We test flow vs pressure at the voltage of your choice (default is 13.5v).
  • Flow – We record flow at pressures from 30psi to 100psi in 10psi increments.
  • Pressure Relief Valve – We test for proper PRV function and record opening pressure.
  • Cavitation – Formation of air bubbles in your fuel can cause unstable and unpredictable air-fuel ratios. We measure and record all pressures where cavitation occurs.
  • Calculations – Not only do we express your flow rates in Liter/hr, Gal/hr, and Lb/hr; but we also calculate the corresponding horsepower that the flow will support.
  • Qualitative Observations – Your fuel pump testing is performed by professionally trained DeatschWerks technicians who test hundreds of fuel pumps every month. We use our experience to make note of any noise, electrical abnormality, flow fluctuation, start-up hesitancy, or any other observed problem that could be important for you to know.

Pump Module Testing

Cost: $69 per module

Module testing includes all of the fuel pump services listed above, plus the additional services listed below:

  • Inspection and correction of any performance robbing internal fuel leaks
  • Venturi pump function test

Pump Module Install and Testing

Cost: $79 per pump/module

The pump module install and service includes installing your OE or aftermarket pump into the OE pump module and performing all flow and function tests as listed above.  NOTE: not all aftermarket pumps can be fitted into OE modules.  DW has the expertise to make it fit and operate if at all possible.  Modification of the OE module may be necessary for some applications. The customer will be informed and permission will be obtained if modification of the OE assembly is needed for pump fitment. The module will be tested after pump installation to ensure proper function. Additional charges may apply if re-wiring of the module is required.


Ordering pump testing through DeatschWerks is quick and easy. Simply print out and complete the PDF order form. Then package your pump with the order form and send it to the address located on the form. Be sure to fully drain your pump and seal it in a plastic zip-lock bag before packaging it to ensure no residual fuel is leaked during shipping. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help making a decision.


We understand the fuel pump we are testing for you may have come from the daily driver you count on for commuting or from the race car you need prepared for next week's event; therefore, we work fast to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our fuel pump testing averages 1 to 2 business day turn around time. If you are really in a tight spot, we also offer express shipping options to further minimize your downtime.

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