DW GM Calibration Summaries are available for most of the popular DW GM part numbers. The data is derived from a combination of our characterization summary data, additional GM specific injector tests, and in-car validation/optimization. The data is cut-and-paste compatible with HP-Tuners, but can also be reformatted for EFI-Live, SCT, and other popular tuning platforms. DW is an injector supplier of many supercharger companies including Magnuson, Whipple, and Procharger. For calibrations on DW injectors included in your kit, please contact our technical support department and we will be happy to assist you.

GM Engine Part Number Flow Rate
LS1, LS6 18U-01-0039-8 39lbs/hr
18U-01-0042-8 42lbs/hr
18U-01-0050-8 50lbs/hr
18U-01-0060-8 60lbs/hr
18U-01-0078-8 78lbs/hr
18U-01-0088-8 88lbs/hr
17U-05-0095-8 95lbs/hr
16MX-20-1200-8 1200cc/min
16M-20-1500-8 1500cc/min
16S-13-2200-8 200lbs/hr
LS2 17U-21-0042-8 42lbs/hr
17U-21-0050-8 50lbs/hr
17U-21-0060-8 60lbs/hr
17U-21-0072-8 72lbs/hr
17U-21-0095-8 95lbs/hr
16MX-21-1200-8 1200cc/min
16MX-22-1200-8 1200cc/min
16m-20-1500-8 1500cc/min
16S-12-2200-8 200lbs/hr
LS3, LS7, LS9, LS-A, L99 16U-00-0042-8 42lbs/hr
16U-00-0050-8 50lbs/hr
16U-00-0065-8 65lbs/hr
16U-00-0090-8 90lbs/hr
16MX-22-1200-8 1200cc/min
16M-22-1500-8 1500cc/min
16S-00-2200-8 200lbs/hr
Gas Vortec V8 32D-00-0038-8 38lbs/hr
32D-00-0044-8 44lbs/hr
32D-00-0060-8 60lbs/hr
35U-01-0038-8 38lbs/hr
35U-01-0044-8 44lbs/hr
35U-01-0060-8 60lbs/hr
35U-00-0056-8 56lbs/hr
35U-00-0072-8 72lbs/hr
17U-26-0095-8 95lbs/hr
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