DW Injector Characterization Summaries are available on most DW fuel injector part numbers. The data is collected in-house using our custom digital precision flow benches and in accordance with SAE J1832 guidelines. The characterization summaries contain most data needed for proper tuning of DW fuel injectors. Application-specific data may be available for your engine as well.

Injector Series Part Number Flow Rate
01J 01J-XX-0550-X 550cc
01J-XX-0740-X 740cc
02J 02J-XX-0740-X 740cc
02J-XX-0850-X 850cc
02J-XX-0950-X 950cc
02J-XX-1000-X 1000cc
13U 13U-XX-0042-X, 13U-XX-0450-X 42lb/450cc
13U-XX-0525-X 525cc
14U 14U-XX-0042-X 42lb
16MX 16MX-XX-0900-X 900cc
16MX-XX-1200-X 1200cc
16M 16M-XX-1500-X 1500cc
16S 16S-XX-2200-X 2200cc
16U 16U-XX-0042-X, 16U-XX-0450-X 42lb/450cc
16U-XX-0050-X, 16U-XX-0550-X 50lb/550cc
16U-XX-0065-X, 16U-XX-0700-X 65lb/700cc
16U-XX-0090-X, 16U-XX-0900-X 90lb/900cc
16US 16US-XX-0550-X 550cc
17MX 17MX-XX-0600-X 600cc
17MX-XX-0850-X 850cc
17MX-XX-1100-X 1100cc
17U 17U-XX-0042-X, 17U-XX-0450-X 42lb/450cc
17U-XX-0050-X, 17U-XX-0550-X 50lb/550cc
17U-XX-0060-X 60lb
17U-XX-0072-X, 17U-XX-0750-X 72lb/750cc
17U-XX-0095-X, 17U-XX-1000-X 95lb/1000cc
18M 18M-XX-0042-X 42lb
18U 18U-XX-0035-X 35lb/350cc
18U-XX-0039-X 39lb
18U-XX-0042-X, 18U-XX-0440-X 42lb/440cc
18U-XX-0048-X 48lb
18U-XX-0050-X, 18U-XX-0550-X 50lb/550cc
18U-XX-0060-X, 18U-XX-0650-X 60lb/650cc
18U-XX-0078-X, 18U-XX-0800-X 78lb/800cc
18U-XX-0088-X, 18U-XX-0900-X 88lb/900cc
18U-XX-1000-X 1000cc
21S 21S-XX-0440-X 440cc
21S-XX-0550-X 550cc
21S-XX-0565-X 565cc
21S-XX-0600-X 600cc
21S-XX-0650-X 650cc
21S-XX-0850-X 850cc
21T 21T-XX-0410-X 410cc
21T-XX-0750-X 750cc
21T-XX-0800-X 800cc
21TTX 21TTX-XX-0650-X 650cc
21U 21U-XX-0590-X 590cc
21U-XX-0600-X 600cc
21U-XX-0650-X 650cc
21U-XX-0750-X 750cc
21U-XX-0800-X 800cc
21U-XX-1000-X 1000cc
21U-XX-1300-X 1300cc
22S 22S-XX-0420-X 420cc
22S-XX-0450-X 450cc
22S-XX-0550-X 550cc
22S-XX-0700-X 700cc
22S-XX-0750-X 750cc
22S-XX-1000-X 1000cc
22S-XX-1300-X 1300cc
22T 22T-XX-0370-X 370cc
22T-XX-0440-X 440cc
22T-XX-0550-X 550cc
22T-XX-0700-X 700cc
22TX 22TX-XX-0440-X 440cc
22TX-XX-0550-X 550cc
22TX-XX0750-X 750cc
32D 32D-XX-0038-X 38lb
32D-XX-0044-X 44lb
32D-XX-0060-X 60lb
35U 35U-XX-0038-X 38lb
35U-XX-0044-X 44lb
35U-XX-0056-X 56lb
35U-XX-0060-X 60lb
35U-XX-0072-X 72lb
35U-XX-0600-X 600cc
35U-XX-0800-X 800cc
42M (low impedance) 42M-XX-0550-X 550cc
42M-XX-0800-X 800cc
42M-XX-1000-X 1000c
42M-XX-1200-X 1200cc
42M-XX-1800-X 1800cc
Magnuson Series 84-12-41-008 42lb/450cc
84-12-41-002 48lb
84-12-41-020 550cc
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