NEW GM SUV DW400 Pump Module

The DW400 05-19 GM SUV Module is a complete plug-n-play replacement for the OE Unit. The module incorporates the DW400 Pump which is over 60% more than the OE module. This module also integrates seamlessly with the OE wiring harness and level sender. The Module includes a return plumbing kit with -8AN feed and -6AN return lines, a DWR1000 Regulator, and a fuel pressure gauge. The Module also utilizes a venturi fed surge bucket for consistent fueling at low tank levels and high G conditions. 

Powered by the 415LPH DW400 fuel pump and supports 750+ Hp on pump gas. 

Fits 2005-2019 Yukon, Suburban, Avalanche, and Escalade. All V8 Gas engines... 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, and 6.2L. 

DW400 Pump Module PN: 9-401-7015 - $649
DW400 Pump Module with CPE Plumbing Kit PN: 9-401-601-7015 - $1049
DW400 Pump Module with PTFE Plumbing Kit PN: 9-401-602-7015 - $1149
CPE Plumbing Kit PN: 6-601 - $649
PTFE Plumbing Kit PN: 6-602 - $749

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