The DW440 delivers brushless pump technology in a design that is optimized for use in OE pump modules.

Compared to traditional brushed DC motor fuel pumps, brushless (BLDC) fuel pumps offer increased efficiency/flow, higher durability, and expanded fuel compatibility. Delivering these brushless advantages in a package optimized for in-tank use is a significant challenge. Up until now, the brushless pumps available in the high-performance aftermarket have been limited to either in-line pumps or submersible pumps too large for fitment into most OE modules. The new DW440 is the first turbine-impeller brushless pump system designed for fitment into OE pump modules. The DW440 brings brushless pump technology into the tank by providing several unique features:

  • Compact Size – Modern fuel pump modules have a lot going on in a small amount of space. Fitting a big aftermarket pump into these modules is not an option. The DW440 measures 4-inches from inlet to outlet. This is 2” shorter than the competition, opening up lots of fitment options that did not previously exist for customers wanting to integrate brushless pumps into their fuel system.
  • Bulkhead Wiring – Brushless pumps require a 4-wire connector for digital control. The DW440 pump kits include a bulkhead harness that allows pass-thru of the 4-wire system via a small 10mm hole which is easily added to an OE module top-hat.
  • Venturi Outlet – Most modern pump modules utilize a “venturi jet” system to prevent fuel starvation at low tank levels and high G cornering/acceleration. The DW440 has an integrated 6mm outlet to drive these systems.

The brushless DW440 delivers a lot of flow in a small package. With standard 13.8v battery voltage, the pump flows 440LPH at 40 PSI to support 1000hp on gas and 750hp on e85. If even more flow is needed, the 40amp controller and brushless design make this pump an ideal candidate for use at voltages beyond typical 13.8 battery voltage. The pump and controller have been endurance tested at voltages up to 24v. At a recommended max intermittent voltage of 20v, the DW440 flows 620LPH at 40psi.

All brushless pumps require digital controllers to drive the brushless armature. The controller included with the DW440 pump kits were designed exclusively for DW and includes features and options to maximize ease of integration into your fuel system. The DW brushless C1 pump controller is rated at 40amps and includes variable timing advance, digital thermal protection, and high capacity integrated heat sinks. The controller is housed in a compact 2.5x3.5 inch billet aluminum case making it easy to tuck away out of sight near the pump module. 3 different controller options are available to maximize compatibility with your fuel system… single speed, dual speed, or PWM compatible.

C101/C102 is a single or dual-speed controller which allows you to operate the DW440 at low duty cycle during normal driving conditions and full duty cycle during high load conditions.

C103 is a PWM modulated controller which allows your DW440 to be fully controlled by your existing OE or aftermarket fuel pump control modules PWM signal. 

  • 440LPH at 40psi 13.8v
  • 620LPH at 40psi 20.0v
  • Compact size is optimized for in-tank use
  • Universal bulkhead harness and fitment kit included
  • Compatible with all fuels including methanol and e100
  • Single-speed, dual speed, or PWM controller options
  • No brushes + No commutator = Ultimate Durability


  • DW440 Brushless 440 LPH Fuel Pump
  • DW Brushless Controller
  • Controller Harness w/Flying Leads
  • 4 Wire Bulkhead w/Retainer Clip and O-Ring
  • Pump to Bulkhead Harness
  • Fuel Sock w/Retainer Clip
  • 12” Submersible Fuel Injection Hose
  • 5/16” Adjustable Hose Clamps (x2)

DW440 Brushless Pump Tech Sheet
DW440 Brushless Controller Tech Sheet
DW440 Brushless Pump and Controller Install Guide
DW440 Brushless Pump and Controller Sell Sheet

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