Bay Area charity Project Wreckless partners with Pro driver Faruk Kugay to compete in the
2018 Formula Drift season as Wreckless Racing. Project Wreckless builds confidence in at-risk
youth by teaching them the skills needed to fix and restore American muscle cars.

Northern California Pro drifter Faruk Kugay debuted his Wreckless Racing BMW during Round 1
of the 2018 Formula Drift season in Long Beach, California last weekend, with the team making
a huge impression on fans, media, and other drivers to set themselves up for what looks like a
breakout year.

Built on a BMW E92 chassis, most of the car has been completely re-imagined during the
off-season, with body work, mechanical and technical upgrades made possible thanks to the
support of Wreckless Racing.

Project Wreckless is a Bay Area initiative working with at-risk youth, providing them with tools
for life through teaching the skills required to restore classic cars, predominantly American
muscle cars. Having opened a workshop staffed entirely by those taking part in the program in
The Bayview area of San Francisco, Project Wreckless is hoping to improve the lives of the
youth in the neighbourhood before expanding into other regions and potentially nationwide.

“For me, cars and drifting have always been metaphors for life,” said Faruk. “You build a car,
sometimes you struggle in competition and can go through various perils with it. By working on
cars I’ve been able to travel the world to race, judge and announce at drift events, and have met
all kinds of amazing people who’ve helped me get to where I am today. To have that possibility
for others in a program like Project Wreckless is a beautiful thing and is the reason why
partnering with them in Wreckless Racing makes so much sense and means so much to me.”

Round 1 of the Formula Drift season highlighted the potential of this partnership as well as the
skills and abilities in the Wreckless Racing team with a solid result in qualifying despite technical
issues leaving the car down on power. Faruk and his crew harnessed all the smarts learned
through years of grassroots and pro battles across Europe and the US to make the necessary
adjustments and were rewarded with a second qualifying score of 79/100. With further
development of the car planned for the next round in Orlando and beyond, Wreckless Racing
expects to continue upping their game round by round for the rest of the season.

Jordan Langer, founder of Project Wreckless said “We’re honored to partner with Faruk for the
2018 Formula Drift season. Our communities need to care more and do more for our at-risk
youth. We at Project Wreckless provide them with the confidence to be able to conquer any task
and as a Pro driver, Faruk is a role model they can look up to, but most importantly someone
they can relate to. We’re looking forward to seeing what we can all achieve together with
Wreckless Racing”

While Faruk, Jordan and the other members of Wreckless Racing and Project Wreckless are
now back in Northern California, the Wreckless Racing BMW is currently sitting in C.A.M.S.
Speed Shop in Dothan, Alabama awaiting the next stage of its evolution. With Round Two of FD
in Orlando only two weeks away, the team is working double-time to demonstrate to everyone in
the Project Wreckless family what you can achieve through hard work and a passion for cars.

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