ALL NEW DW400 Pump Module for GM/Chevy 1500

Fueling your high horsepower late model GM truck just got a lot easier. Today, DW is releasing a complete fuel pump module solution for popular GM 1500 series gas trucks.

These module kits are compatible with all gas v8 trucks from 1999-2009 and 2014-2018 and feature the 415LPH DW400 fuel pump. In addition to the massive flow of the DW400 pump, the module kits cover all filtration, regulation, low level pick up, and fuel level sender functions needed for seamless OE integration.

The 99-04 and 05-09 module kits include complete return system plumbing including the DWR1000 high flow adjustable regulator, -8AN feed lines and -6AN return lines. The return systems include everything you need for installation into any truck configuration from short bed single cab to long bed crew cab. Extra fittings and line are included so you can place the regulator and route the lines exactly where you want. The kits are available with either CPE or PTFE hose. The less expensive and easier to install CPE kits are compatible with fuels containing up to 85% ethanol content. The PTFE kits feature zero vapor permeability, lighter weight, and are compatible with e98 and e100 fuels.

The 14-18 trucks, being high-pressure GDI fuel systems, do not require return plumbing kits. You can install the module with ease and will be back blasting through the quarter mile in no time.

DW has a great line of fuel injector fitments for 2000-2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500; these popular drop-in fitment fuel injectors integrate seamlessly into your engine bay and are the perfect compliment to your DW400 pump module upgrade. DW injectors are engineered to exacting specifications. In addition, all sets are flow-matched via our multi-point dynamic process to ensure your ability to safely and reliably extract maximum power from your engine. Sizes are available from 44lb to 2200cc to meet the demands of your build.

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