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An Injector Technician’s main responsibilities are to produce, test and fill orders for fuel injectors. This mainly includes flow testing standard EV14 injectors and use required equipment with minimal direction, understanding the flow of injectors through production, and able to fill out and make batch sheets.

The job requires attention to detail, because it is crucial to the ultimate quality of DW products. The ability of a technician to complete their work quickly is vital for orders to be shipped out on time; therefore, it is important to complete your tasks on time and be at work on time.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to learn new skills and perform tasks other than those described above. These tasks would typically include similar work in another production area, such as non-injector production, shipping, services, maintenance, packaging, etc.

Necessary skills & traits include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • The ability to operate small machinery
  • The ability to operate basic software, read a computer monitor and type
  • The ability to accurately count and organize product
  • The ability to focus on and complete the job at hand with minimal mistakes
  • Focus on safety
  • The physical ability to sit and stand repeatedly, lean over the workspace and visually focus on close-up objects for extended periods of time
  • The ability to get along with others
  • The ability to flow all EV14 injectors with minimal direction.
  • This includes using Set Maker and understanding flowsheet operation.
  • The ability to pull own loosies and batches from the shelf.
  • The ability to identify bad injectors.
  • The ability to perform basic prep.
  • Part Number Remove, and/remove tags, break down.
  • The ability to create/replace batch sheets and fully fill them out.


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