Global Time Attack

Assemble the world's fastest Time Attack Cars together on one circuit, and you have achieved the goal of Global Time Attack!

"Time Attack racing, also known as Super Lap Battles, originated in the 1960's in Japan on race circuits such as the infamous Tsukuba Circuit. The time attack car is required to start off under full rolling start conditions entering its timed lap.  Each car is timed through one circuit of the track, and there are no other cars on the track at that time. The car makes a preliminary circuit, then runs the timed lap, and then finishes with a cool-down lap.  Global Time Attack is the premiere Time Attack Series in North America, held on road courses such as Buttonwillow Raceway, Road Atlanta, Willow Springs Raceway, & Chuckwalla Valley Raceway."

It is the combination of the driver and car against the course, one on one, competing against time! The car with the fastest lap at the end of event Wins!

DW is a full sponsor of two Global Time Attack teams and supports other GTA racers with discounted DeatschWerks fuel system components.

Official 2018 DW-Sponsored Global Time Attack Teams:



   Powered by these DeatschWerks Products

Doug Wind

   Dodge SRT-4 Neon - A853- 750 horsepower

  • Four DeatschWerks 1500cc injectors
  • DW3.5L modular surge tank
  • Two DW350iL fuel pumps
  • DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator
  • DW300 in-tank fuel pump
  • Two DWFF110 fuel filters

Savanna Little

   LS3 Nissan 350z - 550hp

  • 8x DeatschWerks 50lbs injectors

Kevin Parlett

   Turbo G35 - 700hp

  • 6x DeatschWerks 1500cc injectors
  • DW400 Fuel Pump


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